I’m focused on the future, and want the next chapter for our city with its storied past to have a happy ending. 

I believe politics is often the enemy of progress, and I’ll work hard to keep petty politics out of City Hall.


It’s time for our city to move forward and work toward the future with a clear vision.

I’ll work with City Council, our county and regional leadership, and people in the community to set common-sense priorities and provide the services city residents need. 

I want to help Victoria move forward in a united way with a clear direction toward being the kind of place we want Victoria to be for our children and grandchildren, and use solid long-range plans to get there.

To succeed in the long term, we need to come together in our city like a family and have the kind of frank discussions that families have with everything out on the table.

Our city should have realistic long-range plans and timelines for maintaining and replacing streets, along with goals we set to achieve a long-term vision.


Just like in my business and about any other business, when we fail to plan…we plan to fail.

If we throw away the money or opportunities we have now, how will we ever have the resources needed to do important things for the future?


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