Victoria is at a crossroads, and I’m not just talking about our history as the “Crossroads of Texas” or the highways that intersect here.

Our city is located in the middle of everything in our part of Texas, and I want Victoria to be a great place to be…not just another place on the map to be from.

Some of my top priorities include creating a good environment for business here so everyone will know that Victoria is “Open For Business”, improving city infrastructure (spelled “S-T-R-E-E-T-S”), and helping ensure a bright future for Victoria residents.

I want to help the city improve communication with residents and be more transparent. If we want people to trust city leadership and what we do at City Hall, citizens have to know what we’re doing and why.

Let’s push forward before our streets get even worse and our city sinks deeper into debt. Victoria residents deserve the best, and shouldn’t have the constant frustration of dealing with the same potholes and problems day after day.

We need to cut waste at City Hall, streamline services, and focus on getting results for city residents. We can then use any savings from this to fix streets and begin paying down our city’s massive debt.

Victoria should be a city that’s safe and clean, where people have opportunities for good jobs and excellent educations.

Victoria has a proud history, and I want it to have a bright future for everyone.

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